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Rules for writing, editing, and media[edit source]

Text and other forms of media may be used under the following conditions:

It has to be either:
A) Created by you.
B) Public domain/copyright-free.
C) Created by someone else, who approved of posting it here.
D) A quote or screenshot from someone in SimpleFlips' Minecraft server, or SimpleFlips' Discord server, as long as it's appropriate.
- If you disagree with a quote or screenshot of yours being used for a page, you can notify IngoH (IngoH) about it, or remove it yourself.
- Other types of media (not a quote or screenshot) fall under condition C.

  • Certain uses for media, such as for a UserInfobox avatar can exclude it from condition 1.

It has to be in accordance with the (applicable) SimpleFlips' Discord Server rules (Rules)

It has to be relevant to the server, and the page.

Rules for creating and deleting pages[edit source]

You may only create a page if it's relevant to the server.
You may only delete a page if it's not relevant to the server.

If a page violates any of the rules, adapt it so it doesn't anymore. Depending on the severity, you could also notify IngoH (IngoH) about it.