Cardinal Cocks

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Cardinal Cocks
2022-08-02 14.55.59.png
Created by plexzindu
Coordinates [10x, 200z] [150x, 75z] [305x, 175z] [150x, 365z]
Build Date February 2021

The Cardinal Cocks are a set of Four statues around Spawn

Information[edit | edit source]

The Four Cardinal cocks are

'The Nice Cock of the North'

'The Wonderful Cock of the West'

'The Excellent Cock of the East'

'The Sweet Cock of the South'

Theses statues mark out the spawn borders of the Resource Chickens

History[edit | edit source]

In Early 2021, IngoH Updated the Resource Chickens to have a cool particle effect and a Rarity system. This got the server a lot more excited about chicken hunting for a time, and to help Chicken-Hunters find their prey, plexzindu built these monuments to mark the spawn area for the chickens.