IngoH's Personal Site

About Me

I'm Ingo, a Dutch programmer and game content creator.
I make maps for Minecraft Java Realms, mods for Inscryption, and content and mods for other games.
I study Data Science & Artificial Intelligence.


What else do you do besides programming and the like?

I like playing games and watching YouTube videos. That's about it. I sometimes write AI-assisted stories with NovelAI and I enjoy analyzing data for no particular reason, which is why I have a lot of fun being an Operator on SimpleFlips' Minecraft Server.

What's your age, gender, etc.?

I'm a 20 year-old male.
I have Asperger's syndrome, though you probably won't notice it besides the weird writing style and social inactivity.
I'm also eternally optimistic, yet always complaining about everything. Don't take it too seriously.

Why do you have IngoHHacks as one of your aliases?

I used to make Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks a long time ago. I still do, but very rarely.

Favorite food, games, etc.

Color: Orange.
Food: Pizza, but I also love tomatoes and most tomato-based foods.
Games: The games I mod, obviously. I like almost all genres, but my favorite genre is roguelite.
Number: 7.
Everything else I either don't have, or don't have a consistent one.




Socials I have, but never use:

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