I currently take content creation (coding) commissions for:

  • Minecraft maps
  • Minecraft datapacks
  • Minecraft plugins (Spigot)
  • Cult of the Lamb mods
  • Inscryption mods
  • Discord bots (C#)

Terms of Service

In effect from 14 Oct 2022

Contact & Payment

Commissions are done through Discord (@ingoh) or Telegram.

Payments are made using PayPal. I will provide you a link after your commission's price is confirmed.


The price depends on the commission and is handled by a quote?You give a summary of the requirements and I give a price. Both can be negotiated.. You can generally expect €15-25 per hour, with more difficult commissions resulting in higher prices. You are always free to ask me for an estimate of your description. This estimate is not final, unless all the details are clearly defined.

After agreeing on a price, I will not change it anymore even if the commission takes longer or shorter than expected.
I will try my best to determine a fair time estimate, but obviously this will not always be perfect.

During Commission

Commissions may take up to a few weeks. I have lots of personal projects, but commissions are usually prioritized. If I'm expecting to take longer than a month, I will let you know in advance. The absolute maximum time for commissions is two months unless I say otherwise.

Both parties can cancel the commission at any time.
I will only do so under extreme circumstances, so this is highly unlikely as long as you act like a reasonable commissioner. Commissions canceled from my side will always be refunded in full. The amount refunded for a commission canceled by you depends on the progress of the commission. I will let you know when I start the commission, and if you cancel the commission before that time, you will be fully refunded. Commissions that take longer than the maximum time are always eligible for a full refund.

I am not an artist.
If a commission requires any textures, music, complex scenes (Minecraft maps), or other art assets outside of my expertise?I'm decent at small pixel art., it is recommended to provide me these assets. I am very slow at making art, so if you are expecting me to make anything besides placeholders, this will likely increase the price a lot. Furthermore, I am under no obligation to edit any art assets I make for your commission for any reason.

Changing the requirements can be discussed at any time during the commission.
Obviously, this will change the price.


After a commission is completed, you are free to use it in any way you want as long as you do not attempt to pass it off as your own (e.g. posting it on a map, mod, etc. hosting website under your own or anyone else's name). Credit is not required but appreciated. I take no responsibility for any of your actions involving the finished product.

In case the product happens to have any bugs or other significant problems, or I missed requirements, I will gladly fix that for you. Small edits are also accepted. However, I will not be making any major changes outside of those circumstances. A quote?You give a summary of the (new) requirements and I give a price. Both can be negotiated. can be discussed in case you would like a large scale edit.


I will not take any commissions that would be illegal in any way, display generally considered unacceptable activities (e.g. child pornography, hate speech and related), or are overly political. Other than that, everything is permissible, but I may deny commissions for other reasons. NSFW commissions require identification.


The TOS may be changed at any time, taking effect after exactly one month for new commissions. Commissions that have already started are bound to the TOS that were in effect at the time of the start?Price confirmation of the commission.

If you are unsure about something or have a question about the TOS or commissioning me, feel free to reach out to me.
If you find a problem or mistake in the TOS, please report this to me.

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