Arcane Secrets

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Arcane Secrets
Arcane Map Shop.png
Created by FoxyProxy
Coordinates [17x, -90z]
Build Date 20 August 2020

Arcane Secrets is a Mapart Shop on the North 0,0 Road

Information[edit | edit source]

Maps sold here are made by FoxyProxy and come with a free Adhesive on purchase.

Maps are 3 diamonds unless otherwise specified

Maps on sale include

Arcane Symbols (Mapart)

Valve Missing Texture (Mapart)

S u S (Mapart)

Minmo! (Mapart)

King Crimson (Mapart)

Hey! (Mapart)

History[edit | edit source]

It was made shortly after the 1.6 Update, because Foxy had a whole lot of Basalt and thought it looked good as a building material.