Bitchen Island

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Bitchen Island
Created by FoxyProxy, MaybeaCat
Coordinates [-2315x -1162z]
Build Date January 2020
An Overview of Bitchen' Island off the second balcony of the Obnoxiously Tall Tower. In this image can be seen the Bitchen' Chicken Museum, and the Bitchen' Island Town Hall

Bitchen Island is an island based community built largely by FoxyProxy and MaybeaCat.

Information[edit | edit source]

Bitchen' Island is an island chain consisting of Three Major Islands in the Western Ocean.

It includes a Village, an Enchanted Library, and a Mason's Lodge, as well as numerous Auto-Farms.

There are several open plots for those who want to build a house there.

History[edit | edit source]

Bitchen Island was founded by FoxyProxy during January of 2020. Soon after he invited his friends MaybeaCat and Kajortoq to fill out the community.

MaybeaCat stuck around and added his own projects to the community.