Captain Redbeard's Cave Spider Farm

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Captain Redbeards Cave Spider Farm
Captain Redbeards Cave Spider Farm.png
Created by FoxyProxy, B_jamin_O_P
Coordinates [31x, 165z]

Captain Redbeard's Cave Spider Farm is a Mob Farm in the Spawn Area

Information[edit | edit source]

Captain Redbeard's Cave Spider farm is a Cave Spider farm with the intention of farming cobwebs

There's a cool trampoline entrance at the front, and a normal entrance for little tiny babies around the right side.

History[edit | edit source]

When the server updated to 1.17, MaybeaCat was expanding their Animal Adoption Center with the help of FoxyProxy, when they heard the obnoxious sound of too many cave spiders shoved onto one tile.

FoxyProxy went spelunking through the walls to try and find the source of the noise, and found an undestroyed and unlit Cave Spider spawner in nearly completely explored mine-shaft.

Given its proximity to spawn, he decided to make it into a farm.

After the farm was completed, B_jamin upgraded the mediocre item storage system into a full item sorter, because Foxy is bad at redstone.

Anyone is free to use the farm, but only Foxy and B_jamin are allowed to sell items farmed here.