Captain Redbeards Nautical Armory

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Captain Redbeards Nautical Armory
2022-07-22 22.09.31.png
Created by FoxyProxy
Coordinates [-10x, -194z]

Captain Redbeard's Nautical Armory is a shop along the North 0,0 Road

Information[edit | edit source]

This shop, identifiable by the large pirate flag next to it, sells nautically themed items.

Items for sale include

Nautilus Shells, Four for one diamond

Netherite Scrap, One for two diamonds

Trident and Water enchantment books, One book for one diamond

Mending Tridents, One for eight diamonds

Miscellaneous Diamond Gear, One for one diamond

History[edit | edit source]

This shop was initially built because FoxyProxy lives on an island and fought a much larger amount of Drowned than your typical player. The only trident shop at the time was run by CrafterC3, who had not logged in in nearly a year, so Foxy created this shop to offload his excess of tridents.

The shop was popular, and the excess of tridents quickly sold out, so he built a personal drowned farm to keep it supplied.