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GlitchGlider(#0156)[edit | edit source]

GlitchGlider's Skin

GlitchGlider is a music engineer on the Simpleflips Minecraft Server.

History[edit | edit source]

When Glider first adventured for land he settled in a savanna mountain next to a neglected desert village. He started working on personal music projects and eventually started commissions, which he rarely did.

He cured two underground zombie villagers and bred them to revive the village. Eventually, this became Amazon Dry, a villager trading hall.

Music Land[edit | edit source]

Music Land is where most of Glider's music projects are placed. These include:

Song Name Commissioned By: Location Percent of song and Minecraft accuracy loss Glass View Other notes
Marble Machine GlitchGlider West Music Land Includes the main melody with and without drums.

Does not have the vibraphone solo.

Kinda lossy; The bass guitar is not glissando.

The tempo is relatively accurate.

Marble Machine First song built
Angry Aztec GlitchGlider West Music Land Includes the main melody and beat without the choir.

Extremely Lossy; The tempo is majorly incorrect.

Angry Aztec I made a song based on this song
Magical Music Theme GlitchGlider Magical Music Shop Replaces choir with guitar. Magical Music Theme This is a solo of the choir riff from my unreleased project Zone.flp
Gangnum Style Dr_Peopers (Banned) West Music Land Includes a tiny riff of the most recognizable phrase.

Really Lossy; The tempo is slightly incorrect.

Inaccurate instruments.

Gangnum Style (YOLO SWAG!)
Funky's Flights GlitchGlider West Music Land Not finished

Includes the melody, ostinato, and beat.

Slightly Lossy; The tempo is relatively accurate.

Missing hi-hats.

Castlevania Wood Carving Partita VeritasDL Vertias' Castle Includes the entire song

Slightly lossy.

(Not available) Yum, yummy diamond. yum.