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Start of the server[edit | edit source]

SimpleFlips' Minecraft server was launched on October 2nd, 2019. During the first month, SimpleFlips streamed several times on Facebook. After this, he rarely ever joined the server. The last time he joined was on May 14th, 2020, for the SimpleFlips' Server Tour.

The Fuckenings[edit | edit source]

During the server's life, there have been several times where the world got corrupted in some way or shape. These events have been dubbed "The Fuckening" by the community.

The Fuckening[edit | edit source]

SimpleFlips' Server "DDoS"
A crash occured on the server with the original host ServerMiner, causing all of the users on the server to get disconnected at once. During this time, a large number of users were online daily, around 35-45 or so at a time. After recovering from the crash, many of the users tried to reconnect and login to the server at the same time. This caused a large amount of upload traffic to come from the server, to the point that ServerMiner flagged it as a DDoS attack against itself. ServerMiner subsequently suspended the server for 12 hours afterwards.
Victuracor's direct quote regarding this fuckening

The Fuckening 2[edit | edit source]

Nether Water
A power outage, caused by storms nearby, made the server stop incorrectly and improperly save chunks that were loaded at the time of the power outage. Region headers of the chunks that were loaded at the time became corrupted. Futhermore, when the server tried to fix the corrupted chunks by correcting the headers, it 'shuffled' them instead. Victuracor proceeded to fix this issue by creating a backup of the world after the corruption, and using CoreProtect, a minecraft data-logging plugin, to roll back actions performed by players in those chunks into a mimic world. From here, he then copied the chunks from the mimic world to the backup that corrupted, creating, per him, a 99% honest-to-the-original copy. Only 12 chunks of the world were actually corrupted, including some in the Nether. Amongst them was one, close to where the Nether Hub is today, that had a block of water for "some reason". This is what lead to the complete redesign of the Nether Hub at [0x,0z] and furthermore, the creation of the water elevator to the nether roof.
Victuracor's direct quote regarding this fuckening

The Fuckening 3[edit | edit source]

The Tubbening
A set of players was stuck in the End due to the Ender Dragon going into unloaded chunks around the island. This caused players to be unable to leave the end completely. To remedy this, one of the server's Operators, Little_Tub attempted to kill the dragon through the the '/kill' command. He partially typed in the command, and pressed tab to autocomplete the command, expecting the type to autocomplete to ender_dragon. Instead, it autocompleted to !ender_dragon (not ender_dragon). This meant he executed the command /kill @e[type=!ender_dragon], killing everything except the Ender Dragon. In addition, SimpleFlips came onto the server shortly after the incident, and used /kill @e assuming that the server rolled back later that day, much to the dismay of the other operators. From this, entities that had been lost had to be individually restored on a case-by-case basis. Some memorials have been created for some of the lost entites.
This Fuckening is also this reason for dangerous commands being disabled.
Victuracor's direct quote regarding this fuckening

The Fuckening 4[edit | edit source]

Bee Update Woes
At the release of Minecraft version 1.15, many of the underlying software that allowed the server to function properly began having issues which caused server instabilities. The Initial Fuckening 4 was from the server deadlocking and rolling back 5 minutes, caused by the PaperMC server. The server didn't show any issues at first after the crash, and all issues with rollback were easily fixed with CoreProtect. A few days later a similar issue occured, where the server was not able to properly save the world itself. This time however, CoreProtect was also held up and had a large number of entries in queue waiting to be entered into the database. This prevented the server from being shut down gracefully, and lead to a potential 5 hour rollback. In addition, it was discovered that the server was not performing incremental saves, as well as that chunks were remaining loaded in the system and were increasing monotonically, or without decreasing. A restore to the latest version of the backup was performed and Victuracor had users who were online during the Fuckening contact him to manually restore or change any issues that were caused by this Fuckening. Thankfully, at the time of this book being signed, the issue with CoreProtect that caused the main issue of this fuckening has been resolved and the shouldn't happen again.
Message where the issue of this Fuckening was realized (Link to message in SimpleFlips' Discord Server)

The Fuckening Museum[edit | edit source]

plexzindu built a museum to document the Fuckenings. Large parts of their documentation were used for this page. Besides the documentation, the museum also features dioramas for all of the Fuckenings.
The museum can be visited at [-3200x, 200y, -3200z]

Operation Gielinor[edit | edit source]

Prior to the announcement of the server tour, MrOmegaBeast asked SimpleFlips whether he would join the server again if they recreated Gielinor (The land of RuneScape) on the server. After receiving a message from SimpleFlips stating "If you somehow do that then yeah". Within a couple of days, a team of builders and resource gatherers and began to build the free-to-play section of Gielinor. The total area of this build was going to be approximately 400,000 blocks so the wilderness area was planned to be removed from the schematic, reducing the size by almost 170,000 blocks. The final build would have consisted of Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, and Al Kharid.

However, after setting out the ground for most of Varrock and Lumbridge, it was announced that SimpleFlips would be doing a live tour of the server, therefore meaning the goal of Operation Gielinor was going to be met without needing to complete the build.

To this day, Operation Gielinor remains unfinished but is still open to visit [18000x, -400z (Overworld)].

SimpleFlips' Server Tour[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

plexzindu's Fuckening Museum