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This is a list of renewable resources on the SimpleFlips Minecraft server. Due to VicturacorMisc and Resource Chickens, more resources are obtainable renewably than in vanilla Minecraft, and some resources are renewable in a much easier fashion than in vanilla Minecraft.

Renewable items obtainable without Resource Chickens[edit | edit source]

Any item that is normally renewable in Minecraft is still renewable on the SimpleFlips Minecraft server through its' regular method.

Resource Sources
Coral Blocks Obtained by crafting renewable Coral.
Glass Obtained by smelting renewable Glass Bottles.
Iron and Gold Horse Armor Obtained by crafting renewable iron/gold and leather horse armor. Note that diamond horse armor cannot be obtained renewably without Resource Chickens.
Sand Dropped by Husks.
Red Sand Dropped by burning Husks.
Cobweb Dropped by Cave Spiders.
Dragon Egg Dropped by the Ender Dragon.
Dragon Head Dropped by the Ender Dragon.
Elytra Dropped by the Ender Dragon.
Shulker Shell Dropped by the Ender Dragon.
Gold Ingot Obtained by smelting renewable Totems of Undying.
Gravel Dropped by Drowned.
Rabbit Hide Obtained by smelting renewable leather armor and saddles.
Stick Obtained by smelting renewable Crossbows, Fishing Rods, or wooden tools.
Cobblestone Slab Obtained by smelting renewable stone tools.
Chorus Plant Obtained by crafting renewable Chorus Fruit.
Player Head Dropped by Blazes and Ghasts when killed by a charged creeper.
Helmet Dropped by Evokers as Unusual Helmets. Note that this does not include Netherite helmets.

Renewable items obtainable from Resource Chickens[edit | edit source]

These normally nonrenewable items are obtainable renewably only through randomly spawning Resource Chickens. For more information, see Resource Chicken.

Resource Chicken Source
Ancient Debris Nether Chicken

Bastion Chicken

Banner Pattern "Snout" Bastion Chicken
Calcite Cave Chicken
Dead Bush Overworld Chicken

Desert Chicken

Deepslate Cave Chicken
Diamond Lucky Chicken

Diamond Chicken

Cave Chicken (Ore)

Unstable Chicken (Block)

Undying Chicken

Enchanted Golden Apple Lucky Chicken

Golden Apple Chicken

Bastion Chicken

Unstable Chicken

Food Chicken

Undying Chicken

Gilded Blackstone Bastion Chicken
Heart of the Sea Lucky Chicken

Aquatic Chicken

Unstable Chicken

Undying Chicken

Large Fern Overworld Chicken
Music Disc "Pigstep" Bastion Chicken

Unstable Chicken

Music Chicken

Undying Chicken

Netherite Lucky Chicken

Bastion Chicken

Unstable Chicken

Undying Chicken

Netherrack Nether Chicken
Ores Cave Chicken

Diamond Chicken (Diamond)

Nether Chicken (Nether Quartz, Nether Gold)

Sponge Aquatic Chicken
Tall Grass Overworld Chicken
Tuff Cave Chicken

Nonrenewable items unobtainable from Resource Chickens[edit | edit source]

As of 11/8/2021, all nonrenewable items that are obtainable in Survival are renewable through Resource Chickens. However, with an exception of Player Heads, any item that is not obtainable in Survival or not encountered in Survival are not obtainable through Resource Chickens.