Raid Farm

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Raid Farm
Created by Arceveti
Coordinates [-1280x, 209y, -12z]

Information[edit | edit source]

This Raid Farm is an extension of the regular raid farms, where it spawns every wave at the same time and drops down the Pillagers, Evokers, and Vindicators to kill them in one hit. There have been multiple sky-based raid farms that have been created, however, most of these are private farms.

This farm makes use of some of the custom recipes added by VicturacorMisc, such as smelting Totems of Undying into gold ingots and smelting glass bottles into glass blocks.

As Evokers have a small chance to drop unusual helmets, this farm includes a collection system with a few armor stands to ensure that the helmets are not lost in the bulk storage system.

Item Generated[edit | edit source]

From this farm, you can gather large quantities of: Glass bottles, emeralds, glowstone dust, redstone dust, gunpowder, sugar, spider eyes, Totems of Undying, saddles, iron axes, Ominous banners, crossbows, and sticks.

Post smelting[edit | edit source]

In general, some of these items are converted into other materials to be more useful.

Some items made are: Glass blocks (from smelting glass bottles), gold ingots (from smelting Totems of Undying), and rabbit hide (from smelting saddles).