Soup (Shop)

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Soup (Shop)
Soup store.png
Created by CanBeSpooked
Coordinates [-22x, -12z]

'Soup' also known as 'Shop' also known as 'Sneed' also known as 'Sus ඞ' is a trading market located in the 0,0 Overworld Plaza, built by CanBeSpooked It's a central trade market for those without the inventory or space to build their own shop.

Information[edit | edit source]

Soup does not have an item list in a traditional sense. Instead, it is a public market.

Anyone can claim a chest and sell their items at Soup.

Soup has a 'Free Items Floor' on its second floor, and a stasis chamber set up underneath that.

The sign is open for customization

History[edit | edit source]