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Created by Alanschezar, others
Coordinates [349x, 591z]

A nice wooden town.

Information[edit | edit source]

Alanschezar built Phönexia to give a home and place to stay for other people on the server and in a medieval fantasy like village/town. Building was done solely by Alanschezar. He got many materials from the inhabitants as a help, and had help building the farmland and terraforming. His building style was formed by watching countless tutorials years ago. matthew2837 joined later as part of a deal for an Enchanted Golden Apple, he provided a beacon for Phönexia along with some unarmed pillagers. matthew2837 found a spider spawner under Phönexia and made a spider farm there. matthew2837 later made a gold farm for Phönexia on the nether roof. Phönexia recruited a member at one point named ChaosJevil who then stole iron from Alanschezar and got put in GBJ and was later banned.