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Alts AlternateOmega
Discord Username MrOmegaBeast#8255
Aliases Omega
Joined October 11th, 2019
Role Spy

MrOmegaBeast is a Spy on SimpleFlips' Minecraft server.

Information[edit | edit source]

Alongside his duties as a spy/moderator, MrOmegaBeast is known for making various large redstone contraptions plus some decorative builds.

He is a collector of rare and unique items, including (but not limited to): Unusual helmets and dragon heads, unusual elytras, event items, rare and non-renewable items (Large ferns, double-tall grass, etc.), and items with lore.

Redstone Builds[edit | edit source]

MrOmegaBeast has taken on various redstone projects throughout the server lifetime. Some of the notable redstone builds include:

  • His calculator, capable of doing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division between two 3 digit numbers.
  • His recreation of Conway's Game of Life as a 12x12 cell grid.
  • The wheat and seed farm capable of generating a shulker box full of seeds in approximately 15 minutes (Used to produce a double chest of shulker boxes full of seeds, a goal MrOmegaBeast set out to complete when first joining the server).

Other Builds[edit | edit source]

MrOmegaBeast has created various large scale builds and projects, such as:

  • Ocyron, his current base.
  • How Did We Get Here, a small island in the middle of a black concrete void consisting of over 45,000 handmade black concrete to complete the 'void'.
  • The Buff Bup map art.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • MrOmegaBeast obtained the first double unusual elytra; a Rainbow and Route 30 elytra.
  • As of June 26th, 2022, MrOmegaBeast has logged 1469 dragon kills, believed to be the most of any player on the server.
  • MrOmegaBeast started the project known as 'Operation Gielinor' in an attempt to get SimpleFlips to join the server again. This project was never finished.