IngoBot AI Moments

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Vic's streams[edit | edit source]

<IngoBot> theres a new thing now for me to watch vic's streams now but like nothing else

<IngoBot> it's his stream from when he was a kid

Dox Vic[edit | edit source]

<IngoBot> dox vic lol

Servers end[edit | edit source]

<IngoBot> the servers end is tomorrow


<plexzindu> !c are you sure about that one ingobot?

<IngoBot> I thought you meant our servers end but that was also too close.

I hate Jupiter[edit | edit source]

<IngoBot> I don't like Jupiter


<s0und_> damn

<StarsDown64> Let's go

<IngoBot> I hate Jupiter

Ban diorite[edit | edit source]

<IngoBot> ban diorite

<StarsDown64> YES

<StarsDown64> LETS GO

<MrOmegaBeast> YES!

<StarsDown64> FUCK MISPLET

<zakary_ztl> YES XD

Misplet cute[edit | edit source]

<misplet> ingobot is in vc

<IngoBot> MISPLET is so cute <3 <3

<AlternateOmega> owo

Fursona[edit | edit source]

<IngoBot> my fursona is a fox

[Server] I fucking knew it.

<s0und_> pog

name_[edit | edit source]

<IngoBot> I feel like we should probably remove all instances of name_

<KitLemonfoot> oh

<matthew2837> BRUH

<matthew2837> FUCK YOU INGOBOT

Fuckin' gamer[edit | edit source]

<IngoH> !c Are you scared of death?

<IngoBot> nah im a fuckin gamer

No sex[edit | edit source]

<_BPJ> !c what are the rules

<IngoBot> No sex

<Racoonix> !c break the rule

<IngoBot> i won

Basilic[edit | edit source]

<IngoBot> basilic

Tax evading?[edit | edit source]

<MrOmegaBeast> !c have you evaded taxes

<IngoBot> oh yeah

Fuck Markiplier[edit | edit source]

<MrOmegaBeast> !fs Have a good day to everyone except

<IngoBot> Markiplier