The Terracotta Shop

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The Terracotta Shop
The Terracotta Shop.png
Created by MaybeaCat
Coordinates [0x, -310z]

The Terractotta Shop is a shop on the North 0,0 Road run by MaybeACat

Information[edit | edit source]

This shop sells colored Teracotta for the purpose of Maparting and general construction.

It also sells Leaves and Cobwebs.

The Cobwebs and Teracotta are sold for 1 Diamond for 32

The Leaves are sold for 1 Diamond for 3 Stacks

History[edit | edit source]

Bitchen Island has a Map Art platform, that, when clear, is a place for Mobs to Spawn. FoxyProxy and MaybeaCat would make a habit of taking zombie villagers off the platform to cure them in order to create a library with every enchantment available.

Once the library was finished, they decided to move on to Stonemasons of every terracotta color. Upon completing that project, MaybeaCat decided to open this shop to sell the Teracotta.

He also lets FoxyProxy sell the cobwebs from Captain Redbeard's Cave Spider Farm here