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THIS PAGE IS A WIP: More pixelart, especially any that are not in a common location needs to be added.

Pixel art is a common occurrence on the SimpleFlips Minecraft server. It normally consists of artwork that only uses two axes to portray an image. Many people create it as a means of expressing themselves, representing Simple, or just for fun. Below is a list of all the pixel art built on the server.

Rules for adding pixel art[edit | edit source]

  • Please add what the artwork is, who made it, what the source material is from, where the artwork is located in the server, the total amount of blocks used to make it, and an image of the pixelart.
  • If the location is not well-known, then use direct coordinates in place of Server Location. (Bases and towns that have known names are well-known.)
  • If the source material is from a video game, include the platform that the game originated on in parentheses. Bootleg NES games should be marked as just (NES), and not (Dendy) or (Bootleg NES).
  • Images of pixelart should be taken without a resource pack or shaders. If there exists no image of the artwork in this state (such as the artwork being changed or removed) then this rule can be ignored.
Artwork Name Creator Source Material Server Location Total Blocks Used Image Notes
8Bit Mario masterjonald Super Mario Bros. (NES) 376, 1058 142
8Bit Mario.png
Absol zakary_ztl 80, 495 139
Amelia Watson KitLemonfoot Pokémon Emerald (GBA)


130, 480 1287
Amoeba Jin Racoonix Day of the Idea (SNES) Racoonix's Base 1613
Amoeba Jin.png
Andoisclowin SquingyDingy RTFM 712
Anti Guy Airtub Racoonix Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (3DS) Racoonix's Base 4341
Anti Guy Airtub.png
Asriel Dreemurr Masterjonald Undertale (PC) Spawn 361
Asriel Dreemur.png
There is a button nearby that plays "His Theme" from Undertale when pressed.
Baby Racoonix Mario Paint (SNES) 0,0 208
Beta Yoshi Racoonix Super Mario World (SNES) Racoonix's Base 644
Beta Yoshi.png
Big Yoshi KitLemonfoot Super Mario RPG (SNES) Pixelart Land 551
BigBag VeritasDL Ice Farm 462
Bigeye Tuna Racoonix Racoonix's Base 9134
Bigeye Tuna.png
This was the largest pixelart on the server from June 11, 2020 until June 21, 2020.
Birthday Boy Blam Racoonix One Night at Flumpty's (PC) Racoonix's Base 443
Birthday Boy Blam.png
Blue Shell KitLemonfoot New Super Mario Bros. (NDS) Ice Farm 186
Blue Whale Racoonix Ecco the Dolphin (Mega Drive) 0, 5000 54275
Ecco Whale.png
This is currently the largest pixelart on the server.
Board James Racoonix Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures II: ASSimilation (PC) Racoonix's Base 440
Boggers Zach_Plays_002 Spawn 238
Boggers awkwardsquid01 -240, 530 1024
Boggers Dude!.png
Bronze Squid KitLemonfoot Splatoon 2 Ikaport 137
Bulbmin Racoonix Pikmin 2 (GCN) Racoonix's Base 781
Bup Professor Wolfy 0,0 625
Callie Redfire58054 Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Pixelart Land 181
Actually Callie.png
Chie Satonaka KitLemonfoot Persona 4 Arena (PS3) Pixelart Land 8256
This was the largest pixelart on the server from May 18, 2020 until June 11, 2020
Chie Satonaka KitLemonfoot Persona 2: Innocent Sin (PS1) Racoonix's Base 545
Chie Satonaka.png
Chun-Li captainNeda Street Fighter (Arcade) Pixelart Land 1589
Chunky Kong GlitchGlider Chunky Studio - GlitchGlider Music Land 236
"Lemme show you how easy it is to make pixelart in Chunky Studio."
Cinnamoroll Racoonix Yume no Daibouken (GBA) Racoonix's Base 713
Classic Pepsiman Racoonix Pepsiman: The Running Hero (PSX) Racoonix's Base 327
Classic Pepsiman.png
Coelacanth Racoonix Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch) Racoonix's Base 29074
This was the largest pixelart on the server from June 21, 2020 until Septembre 3, 2020.
Coelacanth Racoonix Animal Crossing e+ (GCN) Racoonix's Base 32800
This was the largest pixelart on the server from Septembre 3, 2020 until January 12, 2021.
CONDUCTOR tangy3003 Sprite by SquingyDingy Newtown 575
Corrin SpK Spawn 307
Cute Girl KitLemonfoot Tetris Plus (PS1) Pixelart Land 359
Cute Girl.png
Demo tangy3003 A Second X Thing (PC) (Original artwork)

A Second X Thing Episode 2 (PC)

0,0 314 (current)
This pixelart was taken down and rebuilt with a newer sprite from A2XT2 by Chaoxys on January 2021.

In addition, Tangy interfaced with KitLemonfoot for this pixelart's palette.

Demon King Racoonix The Messenger (PC) Racoonix's Base 29299
Demon King.png
Diagonal Demo KitLemonfoot A Super Mario Thing (SNES) Pixelart Land 327
Diagonal Mario snakesphere Super Mario World (SNES) Pixelart Land 244
Earl of Lemongrab Racoonix Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! (PS3) Racoonix's Base 587
Earl of Lemongrab.png
Ecco Racoonix Ecco the Dolphin (Mega Drive) 0, 5300 660
Eizen PrinceLaharlSama Tales of Berseria (PS3) RTFM 554
Eleanor Hume PrinceLaharlSama Tales of Bersaria (PS3) RTFM 584
Enchanted Golden Apple matthew2837 Minecraft (PC) Ice Farm 125
Egap Pixelart.png
Faithful Totem KitLemonfoot Minecraft (PC) Pixelart Land 382
Fish Racoonix Umihara Kawase (SNES) Racoonix's Base 386
Fish Racoonix Owlboy (PC) Racoonix's Base 212
Fish Racoonix Minit (PC) 0, 5300 82
Fish Head Racoonix Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (Switch) Racoonix's Base 501
Fish Head.png
Flare KitLemonfoot Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force (NDS) Pixelart Land 1157
Florence Racoonix MiS-FiTS 2 Racoonix's Base 463
Fox Sleep Racoonix Misplet Racoonix's Base 1550
Fox Sleep.png
Freon Treasure KitLemonfoot Ristar (Genesis) Ice Farm 366
Gameboy Advance KitLemonfoot Sonic Advance 2 (GBA) Pixelart Land 284
Garrett Bobby        Ferguson Sr. and

Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr.  

Racoonix Regular Show:  Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land (3DS) Racoonix's Base 4589
GBFS and GBFJ.png
Gastrodon PrinceLaharlSama Pokémon Diamond and Pearl (NDS) RTFM 1382
Ghost Robot KitLemonfoot Pac-Man Arrangement (Arcade) Pixelart Land 3056
Gilles De Rais Racoonix OFF (PC) Racoonix's Base 2944
Gilles De Rais.png
GlitchGlider GlitchGlider Glider's original pixelart of Funky Kong. Music Land 400
Funky Kong Pixelart
GlitchGlider SquingyDingy Squingy's original pixelart of Funky Kong. Music Land 592
GlitchGlider SquingyDingy Squingy's original pixelart of Funky Kong. RTFM 592
Gobbler Racoonix Kirby & the Amazing Mirror (GBA) Racoonix's Base 2259
Grandpa KitLemonfoot Tetris Plus (PS1) Spawn 410
Guardian KitLemonfoot Minecraft (PC) RTFM 460
Ice Climbers NkdSquid24 Ice Farm 189
Ice Climbers.png
Ice Kirby KitLemonfoot Kirby Super Star Ultra (NDS) Ice Farm 680
IF letcreate123 Hyperdimension Neptunia (PS3) 0, 5300 343
What is this.png
Inkling Girl / Futaba KitLemonfoot Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Spawn 270
This pixelart is double-sided; one side is an Inkling Girl, the other side is an edited sprite of the Inkling Girl made to resemble Futaba Sakura from Persona 5 (PS4).
Inkling Girl DeltaJordan Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Ikaport 137
Inkling Girl.png
Invader Zim ihavetheplague 0,0 487
Invader Zim.png
Iron Ingot KitLemonfoot Minecraft (PC) RTFM 154
This pixelart was built at a 45 degree angle so that it could be viewed from multiple parts of RTFM's entrance.
Jabble Racoonix Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (GCN) Racoonix's Base 2172
Jellyfish Racoonix Minit (PC) 0, 5300 130
Jevilflips Racoonix Deltarune (PC)

Sprite by Fire_Mario_Fan

Racoonix's Base 689
Jimmy Neutron Racoonix Nicktoons: Globs of Doom (Wii) Racoonix's Base 654
Jimmy Neutron.png
Kangoroo Racoonix NezumiMan (PC) Racoonix's Base 797
Karl Pilkington Racoonix Sprite by AlexHW Racoonix's Base 365
Karl Pilkington.png
Koi Racoonix Umihara Kawase Shun (PS1) Racoonix's Base 1224
Link Ven0mous Legend of Zelda (NES) Sexton 164
Laphicet PrinceLaharlSama Tales of Berseria (PS3) RTFM 540
Latias KitLemonfoot Pokémon Black and White (NDS) 82, 561 1603
Latios KitLemonfoot


Pokémon Black and White (NDS) 82, 561 2012
While the palette and schematic were made by KitLemonfoot, it was comissioned by and built on the server by zakary_ztl.
Lonely Toadette KitLemonfoot Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch) Spawn 199
Lonely Toadette.png
Luigi Racoonix Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Racoonix's Base 11073
Luigi 0580/Lunics Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch) Spawn 204
Luigi 0580 Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) 0, -900 139
Luigi SMB3.png
Madeline snakesphere Celeste (PC) Pixelart Land 171
Madotsuki Solasel Yume Nikki (PC) Spawn 7700
Magilou PrinceLaharlSama Tales of Berseria (PS3) RTFM 749
Marie Redfire58054 Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Pixelart Land 164
Marie KitLemonfoot Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS3) 60, -405 11865
Mario Racoonix Super Mario Land (GB) Racoonix's Base 122
Mario DarkenedYT Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch) Spawn 195
Mario Ven0mous Super Mario Bros. (NES) Sexton 142
Mario SMB.png
Mario SMIA_MC Super Mario Bros. (NES) 0, -900 168
Mario SMB Jumping.png
Mario but Epic Racoonix Super Mario World (SNES) Racoonix's Base 197
Mario but Epic.png
Mario head JohnWaffle Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch) 285, 68, 33 (Nether) 60
Mario & Luigi Racoonix Kart Fighter (NES) Racoonix's Base 3039
Mario & Luigi.png
Markass Shrine Racoonix Racoonix's Base 7782
Markass Shrine.png
Meat KitLemonfoot Mario's Mystery Meat (SNES) Racoonix's Base 6482
This pixelart was controversial as it was it was a catalyst into the eventual ban of Litematica's Easyplace on the Simpleflips Minecraft server.
Mew 167kamon Pokémon (GB) 0,0 720
Mewtwo 167kamon Pokémon (GB) Spawn 1929
Minit Dude Racoonix Minit (PC) 0,0 123
Minit guy.png
Missingno 167kamon Pokémon (GB) Spawn 1152
Monika KitLemonfoot BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle (PS4)

Doki Doki Literature Club (PC)


This pixelart is originally of Celica from BlazBlue, however with a modified palette to resemble Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club. Some other aspects, such as her ribbons and skirt, were directly modified by KitLemonfoot.
Monokuma Racoonix Crypt of the NecroDancer (PC) Racoonix's Base 279
Nathan nathan10nathan Geometry Dash (IOS) 0, -900 386
Nautilus Racoonix Ecco: The Tides of Time

(Mega Drive)

Racoonix's Base 792
Navicturacor Racoonix Racoonix's Base 4034
Negative Man Racoonix Mother 3 (GBA) Racoonix's Base 1664
Negative Man.png
NES Kirby SpK Kirby's Adventure (NES) Spawn 248
NES Kirby.png
NES Kirby SMIA_MC Kirby's Adventure (NES) 0, -900 248
Nponpo Racoonix Day of the Idea (SNES) Racoonix's Base 3640
Obelix Racoonix Asterix and the Great Rescue (Mega Drive) Racoonix's Base 1260
Olberic matthew2837 Octopath Traveler (Switch) Pixelart Land 421
Omaru Polka KitLemonfoot chibikki_ikki 23,978
Orca Racoonix Metal Slug X (NEOGEO) 0, 5000 17236
Pac-Man Racoonix Pac-Man 2 (SNES) Racoonix's Base 520
Painter Kirby KitLemonfoot Kirby Super Star (SNES) Pixelart Land 653
Papyrus Winkelsas Underswap 0,0 663
Penguin Racoonix The Legendary Starfry (DS) Racoonix's Base 322
Peppino Racoonix Pizza Tower (PC) Racoonix's Base 1227
Phillip Racoonix Space Funeral (PC) Racoonix's Base 807
Piano Kirby KitLemonfoot Kirby Super Star (SNES) 0,0 684
This pixelart was made as a gift to GlitchGlider.
Piranha Plant Racoonix Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (3DS) Racoonix's Base 2273
Piranha Plant.png
Pig Bart Racoonix Virtual Bart (SNES) Racoonix's Base 813
Pig Bart.png
Pikmin Costume Racoonix Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Racoonix's Base 161
Pikmin Costume.png
Pissed-Off Peach KitLemonfoot Super Mario RPG (SNES) Pixelart Land 507
Pissed-Off Peach.png
Pogchamp.png.jpeg Racoonix Racoonix's Base 4211
Pokey Penguin tangy3003 Pokey the Penguin Pixelart Land 1286
Portobella SquingyDingy RTFM 1795
Raw Cod captainNeda Minecraft (PC) RTFM
Raw Cod.png
Ristar KitLemonfoot Ristar (Genesis) Pixelart Land 720
Rokurou Rangetsu PrinceLaharlSama Tales of Berseria (PS3) RTFM 626
Rotten Mushroom KitLemonfoot Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch) Pixelart Land 208
RTFM Banner KitLemonfoot Sonic and Knuckles (Genesis), Minecraft (PC), The Lion King (GG) RTFM 1248
Salesman Racoonix Takeshi's Challenge (NES) Racoonix's Base 326
Sans NerfIronBuckets Undertale (PC) Spawn 555
Scuttlebug Masterjonald Spawn 260
Seahorse Racoonix Minit (PC) 0, 5300 108
Sewaddle 167kamon Pokémon Black and White (NDS) Sexton 1274
This pixelart is 3 blocks wide since it uses leaf blocks that pertrude outwards one block on each side to give the pixelart more depth.
Shovel Knight matthew2837 Shovel Knight (PC) Pixelart Land 533
Shyna Zynidian Silhouette Mirage (Saturn) Primm

17280, 14800

Simba Racoonix The Lion King (NES) Racoonix's Base 478
Simp Star Cellocreeper Spawn 146
Simp Star.png
Simp Star vivi2k Spawn 126
SimpeFlips Racoonix Paper Mario (N64) Racoonix's Base 1421
Simplefli s Sim pl Racoonix Racoonix's Base 10800
Skullbat Racoonix Overwhelm (PC) Racoonix's Base 351
Sleeping Kirby NerfIronBuckets Kirby's Adventure (NES) 0,0 504
Sleeping Kirby.png
Snivy 167kamon Pokémon Black and White (NDS) 324, 975 726
Snow Pea td6 Plants vs. Zombies Ice Farm 324
Snow Pea.png
Sponge Zynidian Mario's Mystery Meat (SNES) 17121, 14567 339
Sponge pixel art by Zyn.png
Squingy running from his doom SquingyDingy RTFM 5080
Squingy running.png
SSBB Luigi KitLemonfoot Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) Pixelart Land 531
SSBB Luigi.png
SSBM Luigi KitLemonfoot Super Smash Bros. Melee (GCN) Pixelart Land 392
SSBM Luigi.png
SSBM Fox KitLemonfoot Super Smash Bros. Melee (GCN) Pixelart Land 434
SSBM Fox.png
This pixelart was originally at spawn, however was moved to Pixelart Land upon request from both KitLemonfoot and Victuracor.
Sunfish Racoonix Ai Cho Aniki (TurboGrafx-16) Racoonix's Base 2351
Sunflower KitLemonfoot Plants vs. Zombies (NDS) Pixelart Land 553
Super Peel-Out Sonic KitLemonfoot Sonic CD (Sega CD) Pixelart Land 687
Sword tnt799 95, -240 226
Teale Racoonix Misplet Racoonix's Base 3577
The Golden Berry snakesphere Celeste (PC) Spawn 122
Golden Berry.png
This pixel art was removed as part of tThe Golden Berry's renovation.
The Noid Racoonix Yo! Noid (NES) Racoonix's Base 574
The Noid.png
The Noid Racoonix Yo! Noid 2: Enter The Void (PC) Racoonix's Base 4906
The Noid 2.png
The President Racoonix Pikmin 2 (GCN) Racoonix's Base 2436
The President.png
Thwomp Racoonix Mario Party Advance (GBA) Racoonix's Base 1608
Thwomp KitLemonfoot


Super Mario World (SNES) 0,0 727
For April Fools' 2020, tangy3003 changed the face of the Thwomp pixelart from neutral to angry.
Tingle Racoonix Cadence of Hyrule (Switch) Racoonix's Base 515
TJ "Henry" Yoshi Racoonix Grand Dad Mania (PC) Racoonix's Base 471
TJ Yoshi.png
Toad DarkenedYT Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch) Spawn 211
Totem of Undying KitLemonfoot Minecraft (PC) Spawn 129
Totem of Undying.png
There is a secret room at the foot of this pixelart, which contains multiple chests filled with Totems of Undying free for taking.
Trilobite Racoonix Ecco the Dolphin (Mega Drive) Racoonix's Base 704
Tropical Fish RedFire58054 Minecraft (PC) RTFM
Tropical Fish.png
Uboa Solasel Yume Nikki (PC) Spawn 631
Unknown Mushroom 1 SquingyDingy RTFM 306
Unknown Mushroom 2 SquingyDingy RTFM 1823
Velvet Crowe PrinceLaharlSama Tales of Berseria (PS3) RTFM 646
Waluigi KitLemonfoot Mario Party 3 (N64) RTFM 451
This pixelart was comissioned by captainNeda as a gift for his son Redstonewarrior.
Wario KitLemonfoot New Super Mario Bros. (NDS) 738
Whale Racoonix Minit (PC) 0, 5300 946
Whomp & Bob-omb King Racoonix Mario Party Advance (GBA) Racoonix's Base 3312
Whomp & Bob-omb King.png
Whity Racoonix Areo Fighters 2 (NGCD) 0, 5300 2502
Yoshi IngoH Mario 20 Bingo Cards IngoH's Base 8345
Yoshi Ven0mous Ikaport 198
Yu Narukami KitLemonfoot Persona 4 Arena (PS3) Pixelart Land 18525